Lean Beer

Enjoy your happy hour while getting some answers to your Agile-related questions!

Take this chance to relax, laugh and learn together with us on Thursday Feb. 27th at 6:00pm at Broward, Bru’s Wings and Things Coral Springs for our first Lean Beer.

Drinking is not required, but if you are, this will be a BYOB (Buy Your Own Beer) event.

What’s the dynamic?

The Lean Beer is ideal to ask questions and share your stories using Agile and Lean. The group will gather with notepads, markers or pens to put down some of the Agile topics to talk in an open discussion. After we’ve gathered the stickies, all topics will be voted on after all suggestions are made and discussed in rank order. Then, during the next 45 minutes the facilitators will timebox each card selected for 5 to 7 minutes and the discussion will go in an open forum format. If you need one more minute to wrap up the topic thumbs up; otherwise, if it’s time to let it go, indicate at the end of the timebox via thumbs down.

This simple dynamic, plus happy hour, will give you tools to keep enjoying your Agile journey as you get answers to those questions that slow you down.

Are you ready for our Lean and Beer?

Check out our location! https://brusroom.com/locations/coral-springs/