Mastering Agile Performance Management (by Sally Elatta)

Topic: Performance Management Stinks! Here’s an Agile Way to do It 🙂

This might sound like an exaggeration, but EVERYONE dreads performance appraisal time 🙂 Why is this process so painful? Well, if you’re an Agile team then this is even MORE painful because the role of your manager has changed so much that they couldn’t possibly have all the information needed to solely judge your performance.

Through this session, we’ll dig deeper into this subject and share new modern and Agile ways for thinking about performance management for organizations scaling Agile adoption. We’ll talk about the new role of HR departments, new role of Agile Managers, how 360 role based assessments can help and introduce a multi-layered ‘earned’ reward system you can pilot for rewarding teams for meeting team goals not just individual behavior. Come in with an open mind!

Speaker: Sally Elatta (from Agile Transformation)

Sally Elatta is the president of Agile Transformation Inc. and an Enterprise Transformation Coach. She has helped guide several medium and large enterprises through developing a transformation strategy,  roadmap and successful execution.  

Her company’s passion is to help leaders transform their culture and build measurable and sustainable Transformations.

She is a dynamic and engaging speaker who is a thought leader in the Agile Transformation space with a special focus on Servant Leadership,  Stable Teams and Business Agility.