PO Group – Jan: How to write stories using the book, “Building a Story Brand”

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Learn how to write stories using the technique in Donald Miller’s book – “Building a Story Brand”

You will be taught how to clarify your message to your customers and engage your delivery team by writing compelling stories using Donald Miller’s Story Brand Framework. There are 7 parts that you will be exposed to and then, we will create the Story Brand for the Tampa Bay Product Owner Meetup group from scratch as we go through the components of the Framework.

Dan Crowley is a CSM, CSPO, and SAFe Agilist and has a very diverse career background including product development and management, sales consultant, technology consulting, and marketing. He is very passionate about Agile and loves to assist companies on their Agile transformation.

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Location sponsor: Our sponsor for this evening is South University @SouthU (https://www.southuniversity.edu)
Established in 1899, South University offers more than 20 programs, from associate’s to doctoral degrees, in five distinct Colleges at our Tampa campus. Housed within the College of Business, our Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and Master of Science in Information Systems programs are designed to prepare students for entry level and advanced roles in today’s continually changing digital landscape.

Food Sponsor: Christopher Cheatwood and Misource:
Our mission is to facilitate a meaningful connection between our candidate and corporate clients. We do this by maintaining the deepest network of IT professionals in the markets we serve. By understanding each individual’s career and life goals we are able to unite each candidate with a top employer to achieve the aspirations of both. No matter age, experience, ethnicity, or gender we all have goals and aspirations, it is our goal to assist in making them come to fruition.

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