PO Group – Nov: Product Mindset and the Opportunity Tree

Hey team – based on our votes we updated the topic for Wednesday’s meetup to be Product Mindset and the Opportunity Tree

The Tampa Bay Product Owner Group is an established community of practice that helps Product leaders network and grow. We are a Scrum Alliance user group and partially funded by Agile Alliance.
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Learn the difference between reacting and responding through an introspective journey in self-awareness

Explore the journey from ‘Are we doing it right?’ to ‘Are we doing the right thing?’ Product management is a comparatively young profession that is still evolving; new leadership and product success stories emerge weekly. We’ll discuss what a Product Mindset is, how a growth mindset helps you succeed as a product professional, and some actionable items you can take to supercharge your internal Product engine.

Julee Everett is a consultant, author and speaker who helps organizations adopt agile thinking and innovative practices. She specializes in Product, Innovation, Design Thinking, and business agility. Julee is a thought leader who is active in the Product, Agile and PMP communities. She is the founder of the Tampa Bay Product Owner group, organizer of ProductCamp Gulf Coast, the 2017 Tampa Bay Agile Coach of the Year, and honored to be named in the Lean in Agile 100 Women of 2019. Julee is a frequent publisher on LinkedIn and Scrum.org. She holds several certifications in Scrum, Project Management and Change Management, including Professional Scrum Trainer.

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