Practical Agile: Hands-on Application of Agile Principles and Practices

Can’t make it to Global Scrum Gathering or Orlando Tech Week events? Our partner-group, IIBA is also providing some great program this Tuesday!

Newly staffed on an agile project? Are you in product analyst or product owner role? Having trouble taking business needs and requirements and producing the necessary agile work products needed to help development teams deliver business value quickly? Fret no more! Our facilitator will help guide you through the process of breaking down large business concepts into deliverable chunks (Epics, Features and User stories). Get an introduction to key concepts, context and best practices, then work in small groups to put pen to paper and apply these techniques to real business scenarios. This meeting is applicable to practitioners of all experience levels as you’ll gain hands on experience for a core activity of operating in an Agile development environment.

Attendees will learn:
* The basic concepts and definition of Epics, Features and User stories
* Best practices for how and when to break business concepts into Epics, Features and User stories.
* The thought process for breaking business concepts into Epics, Features and User stories

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