Product Owner Group – April: 10 Ways to Build Powerful Relationships

I am excited to announce that nationally renowned business consultant, Mark Katz, will be our speaker on April 11th! Mark is a dynamic speaker who captivated our ProductCamp Gulf Coast audience last fall and is willing to share his experience at our Product Owner User Group.

During this evening, Mr. Katz will be sharing his Top 10 Ways to Build Powerful Relationships. If you are currently in the role of a Product Owner, this session will show you how to stop being a vendor and start being a partner! As a coach, you will learn how to build relationships that last a lifetime. As a business owner, you will learn how to scale and grow your business. Mark Katz brings 39 years of consulting with emerging businesses, as well as Fortune 100 companies, such as Merck & Co., The Baltimore Orioles, JFK Airport and the National Institute of Health.
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Our location sponsor for this evening is PwC. This is a beautiful venue and we are thrilled to have their sponsorship. (

PwC’s Internal Firm Services team consists of first-rate marketers, human resource professionals, computer technologists, knowledge managers, accountants, financial planners, administrators and leaders. Internal Firm Services staff are the people who make it work for the people who make it work for our clients. Their team of technology professionals provides internal technology services and solutions that transform and achieve PwC’s mission of becoming the leading technology-enabled professional services network.

Thank you to Hays Recruiting, who is sponsoring our eats this evening! Get to know this fantastic group of recruiters. When I moved from Virginia to Florida, the recruiters from Hays rose quickly to the top of my list with their quick responses, their eagerness to build personal relationships, and their professionalism. They are strong, active supporters of our meetups, and I am pleased they are joining us this evening. (


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