Product Owner Group – Aug: Story Mapping, the magical path to your MVP

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Presentation: “The new backlog is a map.” Jeff Patton
Story mapping will help you frame your idea, understand your user, and create structure. (And it’s dead simple.)

Story Mapping is a collaborative technique that enables the project team, stakeholders and users to imagine the users’ experience using the product. It results in a big picture view and a more detailed and prioritized view of the work, broken into releases. I learned about this by reading Jeff Patton’s book “User Story Mapping” and thought this is too simple…seems like magic. I was afraid to try it. But then I did try it -with great results! Please join to learn about this technique and what it was like to experience it on a large project at a large international company with a group of people doing it for the first time. We were successful and you can be too.

Presenter: Christine Fredley from Frankline Templeton will be leading us in Story Mapping. Christine has double degrees in Economics & Finance and Mathematics; she has been working for Franklin Templeton Investments for 20 years in a variety of jobs from Business System Analyst to Tech Lead to Program Manager! She recently had a fantastic experience using story mapping to lead her team to a shared understanding of her current project.

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