Product Owner Group – Aug: User Feedback – How does it really work?

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User Feedback – How does it really work? We hear it and say it frequently: the user feedback loop is critical for real success in product development. In fact it is one of the differentiators when organizations start to move from a sequential lifecycle like waterfall to agile delivery. We know it is vital to help us make more money or cut expenses, and to stay relevant in the marketplace. But how exactly does it work and why is it so important for your clients and your business?

Join us this evening as we discuss various ways to collect user feedback and integrate it into your product development. As always, there will be an interactive exercise around using focus groups and collecting user feedback to identify Epics and Features for the future. You’ll learn how collecting and analyzing customer feedback is important to get to know your customers better, increase their engagement and loyalty, and acquire new customers.

Presenter: Alona Gruzynska Alona Gruzynska is a Product Owner at Dabbl, a consumer attention marketplace. Originally from Ukraine, Alona moved to Florida five years ago and now lives in Dunedin. During her 8 years in IT she has worked as a QA engineer, product trainer and business analyst. Her passion and experience in Agile product development led her to join Dabbl as a Product Owner. Alona is an active member of the Tampa Bay Agile Meetup and we are excited to have her presenting this evening about how to integrate user feedback into Agile Products. Apart from work and Tampa Bay Agile, Alona loves walking at Honeymoon Island just before sunset, painting and listening to audiobooks with her husband Alex. _______________________________Sponsorship________________________
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