Product Owner Group – Oct: The Product Death Cycle

In a world where 80% of daily active users are lost within 30 days, there’s a lot of reasons why users are bouncing before they even get into the “deep engagement features” you’ve built out. Asking engaged users what product features they want won’t help much – instead you’ll likely get a laundry list of disorganized features that will push you towards your competitors.

The hardest part of any new product launch is the beginning, when it’s not quite working, and you’re iterating and molding the experience to fix it.

This is the “Product Death Cycle.”  Is your product in it? Join us in October to learn more!

Speaker: Leon Sabarsky excels at building high performing software development teams ‎for all types of organizations. He has 20 years of IT experience and has been an Agilist for the past 10 years, primarily in the health care and government sectors.  He initiated the first Agile transition at WellCare in Tampa, FL, forming the first Scrum teams and hiring Scrum Masters and Coaches. He is a frequent speaker at Healthcare, Pega and Agile/Scrum conferences and has many certifications with many letters. He is passionate about educating executives to unlock the power of self-organized teams to deliver value to the business rapidly and with high quality. He formed Healthy Agile in 2016.

Healthy Agile specializes in growing and fostering healthy agile teams in organizations that are interested in rapidly delivering value to their customers. We take a practical approach to Agile transitions; leveraging our years of experience in training, coaching and education to raise the maturity level of our clients and their staffs. We believe that Agile transitions can be fun experiences for all involved if everyone has the right mindset.

Location and Food Sponsors The venue for this evening is sponsored by PwC. The food is sponsored by Princeton Information. We could not do this without our sponsors. Please take a moment and get to know them. 


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