Empower Agile Teams: Mind Map your problems away

Tampa Bay Agile ‘Empower Agile Teams’ group is focused on covering a wide range of topics that will help improve the skills a team needs to be strong, adaptable and cross-functional, always deep-rooted in Quality.

Event Details:

6:00 – 6:30 PM: Networking- Eat/Meet/Greet

6:30 – 8:00 PM: Empower Agile Teams main event

Our topic this month is: Mind Map your problems away.

Have you and your team ever been presented with a seemingly impossible problem to solve?
Everyone has great ideas, but it’s hard to get all the information organized and grasp a big picture. On a team there are always different communication styles, how can you encourage imagination and creative ideas but at the same time reduce mental clutter, cope with information overload, and prevent everyone from getting overwhelmed.

You may want to try Mind Mapping to problem solve! Mind Mapping has a ton of other valuable applications and benefits.

This will be a hands-on learning session and will cover the following:

-What is Mind Mapping and its benefits?
-Mind Mapping uses in the real world.
-All attendees group Mind Map activity.
-Table group Mind Map activity.

Our community mentors and speakers will be Om Patel from Clearly Agile and Evy Vicioso from Gerdau. Om and Evy are both experienced Agile Coaches/Scrum Masters and together have an extensive multi-disciplinary background in IT with a history of quality assurance, consulting, business analysis/strategy and project management in retail, health care, telecommunications, financial services, manufacturing, marketing, and publishing industries.

They both have used mind mapping as a way to get teams working, collaborating and communicating better together. They have also used the benefits of this technique in their personal lives too.
Come join us and learn a new way to engage teams and improve your skills.

Food, beverage, and location space for this meetup are made possible by our generous sponsor Grow Financial. www.growfinancial.org
IMPORTANT! — We take RSVPs very seriously! RSVP count for these sessions is limited to 60 people. The point is; if you RSVP to a meetup, please show up. If you RSVP and are unable to attend, please let us know beforehand.