Empower Agile Teams: Enterprise Innovation – Oxymoron or Synonym?

Tampa Bay Agile Empower Agile Teams group is focused on covering a wide range of topics that will help improve the skills a team needs to be strong, adaptable and cross-functional, and always deep-rooted in Quality.

6:00 – 6:30 PM: Networking- Eat/Meet/Greet
6:30 – 8:00 PM: Empower Agile Teams main event

Our topic this month is: Enterprise Innovation – Oxymoron or Synonym?

Innovation seems to belong with startups and unicorns. But what about large enterprise – can they innovate at the pace of small nimble competitors?
Conversely – can any enterprise really exist without ongoing innovation? All enterprises need an innovation function. But can it be systematized without slowing it down?

Enter Innovation Governance. Agile at enterprise scale (SAfe) + Lean Startup (Experimentation/Data-driven decision making) is the answer.

We will talk about the principles and learnings from an implementation at Stanford University.
This will help you build innovation into the core mindset of your teams and organization to come up with creative solutions with scaling impact.

Our community mentor and speaker will be Rajiv Menon.
Rajiv has a MS/MBA in Manufacturing Management and Informational Systems. He is the founder of Informulate (www.informulate.com), an Orlando, FL based software and innovation consultancy that employs Lean and Agile methodologies to simplify and solve complex business problems.
He has enjoyed working on challenges that intersect business and technology validating value creation models. Helping leaders clarify business risks/opportunities and deepen their understanding of customer behavior.
His experience spans digital product leadership and innovation consulting at large enterprises to mentoring startups to find product-market fit. Working with diverse, remote teams to deliver multi-million dollar solutions and accelerate culture change.

Come join us and learn a new way to engage teams and improve your skills.

Food, beverage, and location space for this meetup are made possible by our generous sponsor Grow Financial. www.growfinancial.org

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