QA THE AGILE WAY: Speaker session “Fundamentals Of What Is Automation Testing?”

6:00 – 6:30 PM: Networking, Meet/Greet

6:30 – 8:00 PM: QA THE AGILE WAY main event

Our topic this month is: Fundamentals Of What Is Automation Testing? This will be Speaker session!

Automation Testing can seem like an overwhelming task to undertake. Are you a manual tester trying to get started in the automation world? Or are you a Scrum Master, Product Owner or analyst that is trying to get an insight on how this subject can help the team. This Speaker session is for you !! We will help you navigate those waters and help you gain a great fundamental foundation of where to start, and what to do and what to avoid.

Our Mentor will be Huma Sajjad, Automation Engineer, New York Life
Huma Sajjad started her career seven years ago as a manual tester. A year into the job, she got the opportunity to learn automation at work. She instantly fell in love with automation as she realized so much of the stuff they were doing manually could be done much faster and with less time through automation. She started in QTP, now UFT, with VBScript. Then over the seven years, Huma got the opportunity to work in multiple tools and languages like Selenium, Visual Studio, Eclipse, SoapUI, Java, JavaScript, and C#.
Over the years, Huma has realized that one of the biggest perks of being an Automation Engineer is that you’re constantly learning new things. In doing so, your job stays interesting, and you’re always finding new ways to improve your existing processes.

The following is a list of the concepts that we will cover to aid in aligning you toward the software automation:
• Why automation testing?
• What kind of tests should be automated? What kind should not be automated?
• What are some good coding practices while automation?
• What is a framework?
• What are the attributes of a good framework?

We encourage participation; please come with any questions you may have.
Food and beverage for this meetup are made possible by our generous sponsor event hosts. Our generous sponsor & host for this event will be Grow Financial

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