QA THE AGILE WAY: Speaker Session “The Changing Role of Quality Assurance”

6:00 – 6:30 PM: Networking- Eat/Meet/Greet

6:30 – 8:00 PM: QA THE AGILE WAY main event

Our topic this month is: A Speaker Session “The Changing Role of Quality Assurance”

When people think about Quality Assurance in a software environment, they often think about the definition and execution of functional tests against the initial specification – work that is done after the software has been completed. With modern iterative approaches, and the reduction in release cycles from years to months or even hours, this approach has become less and less effective.

During this session, we will examine how the current state evolved from other environments and their approaches to quality as well as looking at ways organizations are revising their approach to quality and future trends. This session is targeted toward people who have a responsibility of Quality Assurance within of the organization. Traditional software developers, business analysts, managers and other stakeholders will also find how these changes impact their own roles. But Quality is everyones’ responsibility! That means ALL are welcome to join the conversation and see how being Quality Value focused will change how you see and tackle Quality Assurance.

Our mentor and speaker will be David Corbin. David has been the President and Chief Architect of Dynamic Concepts Development Corporation for over thirty years. ( He has directly been involved with the evolution of software development since the dawn of the Microprocessor / Personal Computer Age. With the dramatic changes in computer technology over this time, processes and philosophies for effective creation of software solutions have also changed. For the past decade his primary focus has been on “Helping Teams be better at writing better software”. His speaking engagements range from local user groups to large conferences such as VsLive.

Food and beverage for this meetup are made possible by our generous sponsor event hosts TEKsystems; a global, leading provider of IT staffing, IT talent management and IT services.

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