Scrum, Kanban, or Scrumban: Which is Right for You?

Agile is on everyone’s mind nowadays, as more and more organizations are eager to reap the benefits of rapid iterations using customer-centric approaches. Organizations tend to run to Scrum first because it is the most recognized agile framework. But is Scrum always the right answer for a team and a business? Heidi discusses the types of scenarios and projects in which Scrum may not be a good fit. She proposes other frameworks such as Kanban and Scrumban as potential alternatives to consider in order to ensure teams and projects select the right fit and can deliver great software efficiently. Some considerations include organizational culture, size of teams, team composition, types of work, industry requirements, overall project size and type of project, and many more factors. After this talk, listeners are able to go back to their organizations and confidently select the right frameworks for their current and future roles and projects, as well as present to management why the framework identified is appropriate.

Heidi Araya, BrightLogic

Heidi Araya is a founder and Managing Director of BrightLogic, an Agile consulting company. Heidi consults worldwide, both virtually and on site, with customers who need Agile coaching, transformations and process improvement. Her specialty is assessing business needs and establishing the right methodology and process to achieve strategic and team goals. Process improvement has been Heidi’s passion since the mid-90s. With almost 20 years of experience in software, technology, project management and various process improvement methodologies, she has helped numerous companies and industries improve business processes and create better teams, helping them provide improved customer satisfaction, and save millions of dollars.

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