Service Virtualization to Increase Velocity & Quality in Software Development

A discussion about real life use cases involving development and testing constraints faced by large enterprises and how they were solved using service virtualization.

Chris Reites, Principal Consultant, CA Technologies

Prior to joining CA Technologies as a Principal Consultant in the Application Delivery group, Chris Reites served as a Technical Principal in Enterprise Architecture for FedEx Services. During his 16 years at FedEx, Chris also held roles in the development and QA engineering groups, providing leadership in cutting edge, best-practice processes for the development and testing of large-scale, complex, global software systems. During his time at FedEx, Chris was instrumental in the utilization and rollout of service virtualization to solve the many constraints developers and QA engineers face when delivering complex, high-value software. Chris holds a Bachelors in Computer Science from the University of Central Florida.

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