SFAA SIG – SAFe Scaling Agile : What , How and When ?

Friends – For this month of July, we are canceling this meetup event due to the SAFe PI planning event happening at the same time.

Sorry for inconvenience and for August, You will be treated with additional insights on SAFe implementations to make up for this cancellation 🙂

Thank you for understanding

Ramesh Nori


As part of SFAA’s SAFe SIG group initiative, let us meet to discuss different ways of Scaling agile from small teams to large organizations, what are different ways and means and when would be the right time to implement this.

This is part of the monthly recurring series of meetups.


• SFAA: South Florida Agile Association (https://www.meetup.com/South-Florida-Agile-Association/)

• SAFe: Scaled Agile Framework (http://www.scaledagileframework.com/)

• SIG: Special interest group