Talent4StartUps – An Agile Journey

Talent4Startups.org (T4S) is a free, non-profit, match-making platform that connects start-up founders with career-minded professionals looking to gain experience. Founder Rajiv Menon will cover the T4S team’s 18-month Lean Startup journey from idea, to validation, to MVP launch. Along the way, he will share details around the experiments, pivots they have had, how they applied Agile to managing distributed, part-time and volunteer team members. He will also cover the value proposition to the Orlando community, and what the future roadmap will bring. And yes, there will be a demo. 🙂 

Rajiv Menon is an entrepreneur, consultant, and mentor. He is the Founder/Solution Architect at Informulate, a custom web and mobile consultancy launched in 2006. He launched Talent4Startups.org, a free, non-profit portal for startup founders to collaborate with students and professionals, in 2014. He is committed to the Lean and Agile methodologies. He is the founding organizer of the Lean Startup Practitioners group, and has been a mentor at Lean Startup Machine. Rajiv helps teams simplify business needs, build an innovative culture, and improve processes. He has worked with diverse, remote teams to deliver multi-million dollar solutions on time, with quality, and on budget. He has served in a variety of technical and management roles in organizations from Fortune 500 companies to pre-funding startups that span the spectrum of scale, technology, and types of teams.

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