Tampa Bay Agile Coaches Blitz: Self Improvement Month

As it turns out, September is National Self Improvement Month (not to mention Ask A Stupid Question Day on 9/28). How appropriate that we have for you another Tampa Bay Agile Coaches Blitz. We will offer 15-minute time blocks with five different agile coaches from across our community. While you wait, we’re also featuring five different lightning talks on all things agile.


Andrea Floyd is Enterprise Agile Coach at OpGenix LLC. Her philosophy is “Success through Agility” as both a way of doing things and a mindset. To be a successful Agilist requires the ability to adapt and adjust your approach based upon the culture, goals and constraints of the company or team that you are working with. The real value that a coach provides is to construct pragmatic solutions that are easily adopted and provide immediate results.

Dustin Johnson is a Director within the Enterprise Agility Office at Catalina. His specialty is tacking goals and objectives and defining actionable metrics that can be used to drive decision making. When it comes to agility, he likes to stress failing fast and failing forward, using business value to drive priority, and approaching quality as a risk assessment rather than a stop gate or magic wand. His soapboxes often include the cone of uncertainty, a card is a promise for a conversation, and the anti-pattern of mini-waterfall.

Fred Mastropasqua is a Co-Founder of ClearlyAgile, Managing Partner of Synuma, LLC, and the only Certified Scrum Trainer based out of the Greater Tampa Bay region. He boasts over 25 years of IT experience building enterprise-level business applications, both infrastructure and software development, in roles such as Director of Application Development, Senior IT Manager, Software Engineer, ScrumMaster as well as Agile Coach and Trainer.

Robert Shaw is an Enterprise Agile Coach at ClearlyAgile. His holistic approach to coaching as he acknowledges complex systems have complex problems. He has a diverse background in software delivery with a specialty in modernizing testing approaches. Robert can coach at all levels but strongly believes in coaching from the trenches and helping companies take ownership and pride in the end product they have achieved.

Adam Ulery is a Sr. Agile Coach for AgileThought. As a business agility consultant focused on helping organizations clarify and meet their business outcomes, Adam helps companies become resilient, rediscover curiosity, and change their traditional approach to business. He loves helping organizations of all sizes solve tough business problems using modern agile & lean principles.


Lemont Chambliss is an Enterprise Agility Leader at Catalina Marketing. In this role, he provides servant leadership at the team, program, and enterprise level. His lightning talk is on “Why your retrospective method doesn’t matter as much as you think it does”

Steven Granese is VP, Transform Practice, at AgileThought. He will do a lightning talk on “How Fast Are Your Feedback Loops?”

Karam Labban, ScrumMaster and Agile Coach & Trainer, is Sr. Manager at PWC. He will do a lightning talk on “Why is the Product Backlog the second most important artifact in Agile? Or is it just another requirements document?”

Dottye Stewart is a ScrumMaster for ClearlyAgile, currently serving PWC teams. Dottye will talk on “My Story of Reinventing Myself as a ScrumMaster.”

Phil Zofrea is an independent agile coach and software development leader. Phil was an early adopter of iterative development and agile. He is a strong advocate of the growth mindset and continuous learning. His lightning talk is “Celebrate Success or Failure?”

Food and beverage for this meetup are made possible from our generous sponsor, Clearly Agile. We take RSVPs very seriously! RSVP counts are used to determine how much food and drink to supply at each meetup. The point is, if you RSVP to a meetup, please show up.