Tampa Bay Scrum Masters Guild-Let’s Get Cross-Functional (REMOTE via ZOOM)

This Event will be hosted using ZOOM
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6:00 – 6:30 – Log in (socialize and address technical issues)
6:30 – 6:45 – Welcome and announcements
6:45 – 8:00 – Main event: Let’s Get Cross-Functional

In today’s workplace, everyone has their specialization, their niche, what they are known for. It can be difficult to encourage individuals to see how being cross-functional and learning new skills can help the team be great at Scrum. In this presentation, we are going to discuss how you, as a Scrum Master, can assess your team as they are, diagnose where cross-functionality will benefit them, and get the buy-in needed to encourage teams to be cross-functional.

Presented by:
Jessica Lester
Jessica is just beginning her Scrum journey and received her SAFe for Scrum Master Certification in December of 2019. Jessica is currently working as a claims adjuster at USAA. Jessica is also attending the University of West Florida in pursuit of her MBA with a specialization in Business Analytics. Prior to joining USAA, Jessica’s previous experiences include process improvement, project management, and supply chain. Jessica is currently serving as a member of the GFWC Temple Terrace Junior Women’s Club and the Sociedad La Union Martí-Maceo Cuban American Society.

Lorena Faircloth
Lorena is a recently certified SAFe Scrum master. She currently works as a New Member Senior Specialist onboarding new members to USAA. She holds a bachelors degree in Human Services, and is currently pursuing an MBA from Kansas State University. Before joining USAA, Lorena worked as an education technician for the Air Force and the Army. She loves spending time with her daughter enjoying the beautiful Tampa Bay Area.

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