Taste of Agile

Agile proposes a series of changes in the way teams work, promoting an agile way of thinking and a work environment that allows ideas to thrive and processes to improve.

If you’re interested in getting to learn what Agile is and how it works in the business world, then this 4-hour training is ideal for you to understand the basic concepts of the Agile mindset and a quick overview of the Scrum Framework.

What will you learn?
-Develop your Agile Mindset
-Build Remote High Performing Teams
-Unlock the Secrets of Scrum & Kanban
-Leverage proven Remote Tool Kits
-Online class led by a live instructor
-Engaging and interactive learning experience
-6-hour remote session

Must Register via Link below to attend class:


Rick Regueira, PMP, CEC, (305) 785-1189
Agile Coach/Trainer