Technical Debt – Undelivered Work, Defects, and Inefficiencies (oh my!)

Sponsors: Thank you VEREDUS for sponsoring the food for this event & for Nebbia Technology for hosting us!

What we will delve into: A conversation about identifying, planning for, and ultimately reducing the impact of Technical Debt. We’ll chat about what Technical Debt is, how to “account” for it, and how to pay it down. We will look at Technical Debt from the perspective of developers, product owners, and executive stakeholders.

I want you to tell me how you successfully (unsuccessfully?) handled Technical Debt on teams you have worked with.

Detailed Parking details:


• We are closest to the Garland lot (25 S. Garland Ave., Orlando, FL 32801) or 55W Garage (60 W. Pine St., Orlando, FL 32801)

Address Office is located at 130 S. Orange Ave (it is directly across the street from the Plaza building/movie theater).

• The entrance is between Gitto’s pizza and Siegel’s, but do not take the stairs, they go to a Mezzanine level that does not have access to the 2nd floor or the elevator.

• Walk past the stairs to the elevator, take it to the second floor and turn right off the elevator.

The office is straight ahead in Suite 204.