The life of an Agile Developer

Join us to learn about:

* DevOps
* Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)
* Test Driven Development (TDD)
* And more….

We are pleased to have Camilo Sanchez and Osmany Rodriguez share their personal Developer Agile journey.
Facilitation and Support: Marcelo Lopez and Rick Regueira

Software projects are rarely just code. They start with an idea, they usually require different tools to operate, and they are rarely finished. This presentation will cover all the aspects of the product lifecycle: issue tracking, source control, testing approaches, deployments, state management, monitoring, security.

This presentation will explain the different components and processes required to successfully build, operate, and secure a software project. Moreover, it will briefly illustrate use cases where IPC has successfully applied these and other tools: Agile, DevOps, Git, TDD, Continuous Integration, SAST, OSA, and Splunk.

This won’t be a prescriptive recipe, most large software organizations are already covering most of these processes in one way or another.
Chances are, your workplace is already following some of them with varied degrees of maturity.
It should be a good learning experience for all kinds of projects ranging from solo developers to large enterprises.

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