The #NoEstimates Movement With Ryan Ripley

When will you deliver that feature? How much will this project cost? What can I have right now? All of these are reasonable questions that both management and customers want answered. The problem is that when developers try to answer these questions, often more harm than good results. Estimates turn into commitments, dollars are committed based on misinformation, and all parties involved end up feeling cheated and confused. Ryan Ripley explains that the #NoEstimates movement is a critical look at how estimates are used in the software industry. Are estimates needed at all? Is getting better at estimates a worthwhile goal? If we do not provide estimates, how do we stay aligned with our management and customers? Leave with a better understanding of how estimates can lead to dysfunction, how to change the conversation toward metrics and measures that matter, and how all of this impacts your ability to deliver high quality products that delight your customers.

This meeting will be online via Zoom!