The Role of Project Management in an Agile Environment (Heidi Araya)

• What we’ll do
Many Project managers begin to cringe when Agile is mentioned, thinking they soon will be out of a job. What about the project schedule and familiar Gantt charts? What happens to the budget planning? How do I give management a timeline if I can’t plan the entire project to the task level? Heidi will share some strategies for project manager success in an agile shop, from budget and schedule to cross-team planning and how to give some answers to “when will it be done?”

Learning Objectives
• Learn potential issues that face project managers in transition to Agile
• Learn new responsibilities project managers can take on in Agile environments that are compatible with project management and Agile
• Learn some new ways of communicating project and product information

Process improvement has been Heidi’s passion since the mid-90s. Since the roots of Agile are grounded in lean thinking, it was a natural fit. With over 20 years of experience in software, technology, project management, and various organizational process improvement initiatives, she has worked with numerous companies in various industries to start and continue their Agile journey, encourage continuous improvement, enhance customer satisfaction, and create happy, productive teams.

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