Understanding the Keys to Breakthrough Teams – Virtual Meetup w Mike Ackerbauer

JOIN at this link https://zoom.us/j/582485217 Why do some Agile teams become shining innovators and others struggle? This talk will guide teams to understand the natural elements and flow of team problem solving. They will learn techniques to tailor the process for each team’s members. By doing so, they will unlock the natural innovative nature of every team member and find the “wisdom of the crowd” — how the people on an Agile team can wring out every last ounce of their creative best in service to their projects and each other.

About Mike:

Mike Ackerbauer is the Whole Team Evangelist for IBM CIO’s Agile Academy, and links teams to exceptional tools and practices for extraordinary outcomes for their customers. A self-described transformation junkie, Mike is a former technology guy who discovered he has more passion for developing the people who develop technology. Mike is also a certified rock balancer and buffalo wings fanatic.

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