Virtual Lunch & Learn: User Experience: A front seat driver to Agile development

This is a virtual meetup.
User Experience is one of the key difference makers in creating a product that is world-class, intuitive, highly-adapted and has mass appeal. User Experience plays one of the most vital roles in meeting the needs of the end-user through product evolution.
In this virtual meetup, you’ll come to discover how User Experience can be a front seat driver to the Agile iterative development and learn some proven approaches that integrate User Experience into the development process, ultimately driving faster delivery and improved feedback from the end-users. You’ll come to realize, UX isn’t just an up-front part of the process, but should continuously remain engaged as the product takes a journey to be more relevant and effective for those who use it.

Speaker Bio:
Jeff Koors has been involved with project management, Agile, as well as managing and leading people for the last 17 years. During his tenure, he’s worked with Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies, mid and large-sized companies, as well as consulted with various startups. He not only studied art and design but cut his teeth in user experience upon entering the web development journey of his career. One of his major successes in his Agile career is creating efficient user experience integrations in Agile development and has been recognized for his work in this area.

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