Webinar – Agile Metrics That Mean Something (with Bob Woods)

Come join us for this webinar! Many organizations start out their Agile Journey in the same way. They get some education, dip their toes in the water, and then see if it’s going to work out. But, knowing whether or not it’s working out can often be the challenge. Traditional Waterfall measurements don’t apply, and so often we don’t know how to determine whether or not our efforts are being wasted or we are actually improving in our solution delivery. We are being asked to quantify results but we also hear metrics are frowned upon in Agile environments. So how do you know what metrics really matter?

Join Robert Woods, National Agile Practice Director for MATRIX, for a deep dive into:
​ • Practical Agile metrics and when to use them
• Who is the appropriate audience for various metrics
• What methods are available to measure initial successes and failures
• How different levels of metrics are used at different Agile maturity stages

Go and register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/coaching-agile-journeys-012-registration-32271899119?aff=Website
we look forward to seeing you!